Researchers report experimental findings on spin splitting behavior of antiferromagnets


Antiferromagnetic materials, characterized by opposing magnetic alignments of neighboring spins, exhibit unique electronic structures that significantly differ from their ferromagnetic counterparts. Conventional antiferromagnets exhibit no splitting of electronic spin in their energy bands because of the symmetry of magnetic elements.

Scientists successfully demonstrate path-independent anyon braiding on modular superconducting quantum processor


Anyons, unique quasiparticles in two-dimensional space, play a crucial role in universal topological quantum computation due to their nontrivial exchange statistics.

Researchers collaborate to achieve progress in bound-preserving schemes


Solutions to many partial differential equations must satisfy certain bounds or constraints. For instance, in hydrodynamic equations, density and pressure must remain positive, while in relativistic scenarios, the fluid velocity is capped at the speed of light.

Researchers unlock new frontiers in carbene chemistry


Carbene chemistry stands at the forefront of molecular exploration, offering a captivating journey into the unique behavior of carbon species that challenge conventional rules. Carbenes, compounds containing a divalent carbon atom with only six electrons in its valence shell, are very intriguing to scientists.

Researchers make breakthrough in copper-catalysed enantioconvergent C(sp3)–S cross-coupling


α-Chiral alkyl thiols and other organosulfur moieties with different sulfur oxidation states are important chiral building blocks in organic synthesis and biochemical processes, as well as key structural elements in a variety of biomolecules, pharmaceuticals, and agrochemicals. Consequently, the efficient catalytic enantioselective carbon–sulfur (C(sp3)–S) bond formation constitutes a longstanding objective in modern chemical and biological research.

SUSTech hosts 2023 Shenzhen International Conference on Frontiers of Statistics and Data Science


The Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) recently hosted the 2023 Shenzhen International Conference on Frontiers of Statistics and Data Science, with the event taking place at the University’s Convention Center from December 1 to 3.