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Feihe HUANG: Supramolecular Polymers Based on Host-Guest Molecular Recognition Motifs


Supramolecular polymer is one of the most important research directions in the field of chemical self-assembly. It is formed by polymer/small molecule elements (functionality≥2) through non-covalent bond self-assembly polymerization. It shows great potential to be applied in degradable, responsive, self-healing materials and other fields.

Mingsheng ZHAN: Coherent Formation of a Single Ultrocold Molecule


During the lecture, Prof. Mingsheng Zhan introduced the achievement his research group has made in the rubidium single-atom array system in recent years, such as the realization of the collision of two-atom ground states in the single-atom quantum state control, and the long-lived coherent storage and transfer realized in magic light intensity dipole trap.

Prof. Julius Rebek Jr.: Recognition and Reactivity in Deep Cavitands


On October 27th, 2020, Prof. Julius Rebek Jr. from the Scripps Research Institute was invited to the 38th Science Lecture of College of Science. He gave a talk on “Recognition and Reactivity in Deep Cavitands”, which was chaired by Prof. Wei JIANG, Dept. of Chemistry. The lecture was held online via Zoom meeting.

Xing CHEN: Chemical Approaches for Deciphering Glycosylation


Sugar plays an important role in human body. During the talk, prof. CHEN introduced the progress of his research group in the field of glycobiology, especially the use of chemical tools to clarify the biological functions of glycosylation, as well as its labeling and visualization in vivo.

Yanming MA: Crystal Structure Prediction Method and Computational Software


Crystal structure is an important part in material research. Although the approach in determining crystal structure with X-ray diffraction has been developed, the purity, experiment conditions and the structural complexity still bring many challenges to the work. During the report, prof. MA introduced the crystal structure prediction software named CALYPSO (Crystal Structural AnaLYsis by Particle Swarm Optimization), which was developed independently by his group.

Prof Guido Martinelli: three roads to find new physics beyond the standard model


The scientific interests of Prof. Martinelli are focused on elementary particle physics and phenomenology. He is author of more than 200 papers in international journals that have received about 21000 citations (InSpires h-factor 75).