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Dr. Dennis k. J. Lin shares the mystery of ghost data


" Big data have four aspects,which can be summarized as four "V"s: Volume (Data at Rest), Velocity (Data in Motion), Variety (Data in Many Forms) and Veracity (Data in Doubt). It is meaningless if we consider a very huge data set. "

Artificial Metalloenzymes for Biocatalysis, Biosensing and Imaging


"He demonstrated that non-covalent interactions (including water and hydrogen-bonding network) play the critical roles to attain high activity in functional artificial metalloenzymes, comparable to those of native enzymes."

Prof. Jiang Biao: Blue Sky and Lucid Water @ Chemistry


On the afternoon of October 10th, Professor Jiang Biao, a distinguished researcher of the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, was invited to visit SUSTech and made an excellent speech on “Blue Sky and Lucid Water @ Chemistry: The Molecular Design and Synthesis of Environmental Fluorine Substances”, the topic of the 22th Science Lecture of the College of Science, for our faculty and students in the Lecture Hall No. 111 of the Library. This lecture was chaired by Professor Xia Haiping, Executive Dean of Grubbs Research Institute.