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Xueming YANG

Founding Dean of College of Science

Dean's Message

Making inquiry for truth, setting resolution for breakthrough, we are working towards a world-class College of Science!

Sitting at the coast of South China Sea and Tanglang Mountainside, Southern University of Science and Technology was founded in 2012. Since its founding, SUSTechers have been striving for a science dream all long: building a world-class fundamental and research-oriented institute. Today, College of Science have 5 departments and 4 research institutes. Departments of Physics and Chemistry that were established in the early days were followed with Departments of Mathematics, and Earth and Space Sciences as well as the Shenzhen Grubbs Institute and Shenzhen Institute for Quantum Science and Engineering. In 2019, Department of Statistics and Data Science and SUSTech International Center for Mathematics have been in place. In 2021, the Center for Advanced Light Sources Science has been established.

It is our mission to explore the world with vigorous innovation, which has been entwined in the daily routine of College of Science. In the past decade, we leveraged the international platform of SUSTech and the advantages of independent PI, made explorations at the frontier of the world science and technology. The competitiveness of research projects witnesses a consistent enhancement while the number of quality paper published observes a continuous increase. Since its founding, faculties at College of Science have published 25 papers on international top journals including Science, Nature, and Inventiones Mathematicae. The growing strength in scientific research lays a solid foundation as we working towards a world-class college of science.

College of Science is a professional, international, interdisciplinary and research-oriented platform. It's home to many young talents that are competent, aspirational with strong sense of responsibility, they have international scope to make innovation and interdisciplinary integration. These talents, while forging ahead to explore solutions to international science difficulties and advancing China's sci-tech innovations, have lived up to the nation and the whole world with fruitful practice.  Their progress marvels the world, and these young talents have become the backbone behind the development of College of Science.

In terms of teaching, we adopts a multi-tiered cultivation model with global vision. College of Science focuses on students' mathematical foundation, pays great attention to their research and innovation capability. We will invest more in teaching and human resources,  providing individualized cultivation. Students at College of Science are competent in practice and innovation. With qualities desired as scientists, our students are active in  universities, research institutes, enterprises and public institutions both at home and abroad.

As an ancient saying goes, the way ahead is long, I see no ending, yet high and low I'll search with my will unbending. The road ahead will be long and tough, but we are resolute to get there. On behalf of College of Science, I sincerely welcome outstanding talents and gifted students to join us. Let us meet in SUSTech and build College of Science together! As we know, God rewards those who work hard. Given time, our goal of building a world-class college of science will definitely be fulfilled.


Xueming Yang

Founding Dean of College of Science

Xueming YANG

Founding Dean of College of Science

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