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09:34 AM
November 15

Researchers make series of progress in study of two-dimensional quantum defects in thermoelectric materials

Thermoelectric material is a kind of new energy material that can realize the direct mutual conversion of thermal energy and electrical energy through the directional movement of internal carriers with the temperature difference. Thermoelectric devices prepared from thermoelectric materials have the characteristics of small size, high reliability, wide operating temperature range, and no noise. They have great potential for development in both military and civilian applications.


Meet Our People

  • Ingrid·Irmer
  • Leonardo·Modesto
  • Shishir·Priyadarshi
  • Ron·Chanvutha
  • Ingrid·Irmer: Assistant Professor, SUSTech International Center for Mathematics

  • Leonardo·Modesto: Associate Professor, Department of Physics

  • Shishir·Priyadarshi: Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Earth and Space Sciences

  • Ron·Chanvutha: Undergraduate Student, Department of Biology

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