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SUSTech chemist reviews achievements in total synthesis of complex natural products


Professor Chuangchuang Li (Chemistry) is renowned for his studies in the total synthesis of complex natural products. In recent months, his research team has been invited to publish review articles in Accounts of Chemical Research (IF = 20.8), Chemical Reviews (IF = 52.8), Chemical Society Reviews (IF = 42.9), and Chem (IF = 19.7). Dr. Chuangchuang Li was the corresponding author, with SUSTech as the corresponding unit of all four papers.

ESS studies impact of climate change on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau


Assistant Professor Jiangjun RAN (Dept. of Earth and Space Sciences) recently led his research group to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. They went to study the impact of climate change on lakes and glaciers in the region. They also took the opportunity to assess the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for climate change research.

Comprehensive online database deployed for exploring massive public plant RNA-seq data


Applications of Next Generating Sequencing (NGS) technology in transcriptome profiling have greatly improved our understanding of transcriptional regulation at a genome-wide scale in the last decade. The research community has produced tens of thousands of RNA-sequencing (RNA-seq) libraries. However, accessing such a huge amount of RNA-seq data poses a big challenge for groups that lack dedicated bioinformatic personnel or expensive computational resources.

New insights found into genomic architecture by SUSTech scholars


Mammalian genomes are diploid, comprising of two haploid genomes from each paternal or maternal origin. SUSTech scholars have taken a new approach to the study of the diploid genomic architecture by applying multi-omic data to characterize the 3D diploid genome structures.

Magneto-optical Raman effect provides new insights into 2D magnets


The Department of Physics at College of Science, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) has demonstrated that helicity-resolved Raman spectroscopy is a useful tool to study the ferromagnetism in 2D magnets. It is the first time to directly probe ferromagnetism by using a Raman spectrum in a 2D magnet.

Novel mechanism found, showing how plants grow using circadian clock


A new study by scholars at Dept. of Biology, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) has found how plants use their circadian clock to regulate their growth cycles, based on their exposure to light.