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Researchers make advances in geometric and deformation quantization of mathematical physics


In the field of mathematical physics, the mathematical foundation of quantum mechanics is based on the celebrated Dirac-Von Neumann axioms, which consists of Hilbert spaces and the algebra of operators acting on the Hilbert spaces. Since the phase space of a classical mechanical system is described mathematically as a symplectic manifold, the quantization of a symplectic manifold became one of the central topics in the study of symplectic geometry.

Researchers make significant progress in high-throughput drug target screening technology


Researchers reveal stack growth mechanism of wafer-scale van der Waals superconductor heterostructures


Two-dimensional van der Waals (vdW) heterostructures are considered to be the best route for exploring two-dimensional (2D) physics and device applications. Among the combinations of stacking components, particular attention is focused on van der Waals superconductor heterostructures (vdWSHs), which are made by stacking 2D superconductors with other materials.

SUSTech student receives SEG Scholarship


Ying HU, a Ph.D. student from the Department of Earth and Space Sciences (ESS) at the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), has been honored with the SEG/Norman and Shirley Domenico Scholarship.

SUSTech’s Ziqing XIANG receives 2022 Kirkman Medal of ICA


Ziqing XIANG, Associate Professor of the Department of Mathematics at the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), was awarded the 2022 Kirkman Medal in recognition of his outstanding contributions in the fields of design theory, algebraic combinatorics, and graph theory.

Researchers optimize thermoelectric performance of MnTe-based materials


Among the large family of thermoelectric materials, MnTe-based materials are expected to be a reliable alternative for the large-scale production of medium-temperature materials due to their low toxicity and abundant raw materials. However, the low carrier concentration and low mobility of carriers in MnTe-based thermoelectric materials have limited their applications.