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New progress in total synthesis of natural products containing eight-membered rings


Eight-membered ring structural units widely exist in active natural products or drugs. Many natural products with eight-membered rings show very significant physiological activities, and some have been used in clinic settings. For example, the taxol has a unique eight-membered ring. It is one of the best natural anticancer drugs that have been found. It has been widely used in the clinical treatments of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, some head and neck cancer, lung cancer, and others.

Breaking into the black box of molecular self-assembly – A case study of stepwise construction of high-nuclearity lanthanide clusters


​It is fundamentally significant to be able to construct sophisticated molecular architectures with precise structural control when we seek molecule-based materials with specific properties and functions. However, the obtainment of such complex entities has mostly been serendipitous. Their syntheses remain more of an art than a science and are frequently characterized by random self-organization.

New progress in enantioselective construction of functionalized silicon-centered chiral compounds


Silicon-stereogenic arylated silanes and silanols have attracted increasing attention in recent years owing to their unique chemical, physical, biological, and stereoelectronic properties, which have granted them potential applications in the fields of synthetic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, and materials science.

Researchers make progress in tuning mechanical and magnetic properties of two-dimensional materials


The unique structure and extraordinary properties of two-dimensional (2D) materials show great potential in the research and development of next-generation optoelectronic devices. Establishing a correlation understanding of the structure and properties of 2D materials at the atomic scale is the key to in-depth exploration of their physical and chemical properties and to facilitate device research and development.

SUSTech students achieve excellent results in 2022 Mathematical Contest in Modeling and Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling


Recently, the Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications (COMAP) announced the results of the 2022 Mathematical Contest in Modeling and Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (MCM/ICM).

Researchers make significant progress in self-assembly of nanowires


Professor Shu-Hong Yu’s team from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) and the Department of Chemistry at the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) have recently summarized their system research on the self-assembly mechanism, precision control, and application of nanowires.