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Fields Medal-winning mathematician Efim Zelmanov joins SUSTech faculty


On September 14, the University held a grand professorship conferment ceremony to welcome Professor Efim Zelmanov.

Chinese scientist recognized for breakthroughs & global contribution


Xue Qikun, China’s first Fritz London Memorial Prize winner, highlighted the role of basic research for achieving China’s scientific and technological advancements when delivering an online report to an international conference in Japan recently.

Researchers make progress in study of topological magnetoelectric effect in ferromagnetic axion insulators


Axion insulator is an exotic topological phase in condensed matter, which has been extensively studied for decades. When the time-reversal symmetry on the surface of the 3D topological insulator is broken, the surface energy gap will be opened to achieve the so-called axion insulating phase.

SUSTech’s Xueming YANG wins Future Science Prize


On August 21, the list of winners of the 2022 Future Science Prize was officially announced.

Researchers realize entanglement-enhanced quantum metrology in colored noise


From the physics point of view, measurement is a physical process that estimates the quantity of a particular observable or a physical parameter. The science of measurement is called metrology. How to improve the precision in metrology is a central issue in this field, for which many classical approaches have been proposed.

Researchers make important progress in field of quantum control of superconducting qubits


The spurious ZZ interaction between qubits is a common crosstalk phenomenon in superconducting qubit chips, which will cause the frequency of qubits to be affected by the surrounding qubits states, thus reducing the manipulation accuracy of quantum gates. Eliminating ZZ interaction is of great significance to improve the overall fidelity of the chip and the depth of the quantum algorithm.