Chinese scientists make the first probe of electronic angular momentum in chemical reaction


Molecular reaction dynamics is the study of chemical and physical transformations of matter at the molecular level. Recently, scientists from China made substantial scientific progress in this area, by revealing the electronic angular momentum effect to a chemical reaction for the first time.

SUSTech Professor Bin TAN’s team wins the first prize of Natural Science Award


Recently, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) Professor Bin TAN’s team won the first prize of the Natural Science Award in Guangdong Province for its project “Asymmetric Axial Chiral Chemistry of Organic Catalysis”. It is one of 11 first prizes of Natural Science in the whole province, and also the first provincial science and technology award for the University.

Mingsheng ZHAN: Coherent Formation of a Single Ultrocold Molecule


During the lecture, Prof. Mingsheng Zhan introduced the achievement his research group has made in the rubidium single-atom array system in recent years, such as the realization of the collision of two-atom ground states in the single-atom quantum state control, and the long-lived coherent storage and transfer realized in magic light intensity dipole trap.

SUSTech Scientist Tiangang TANG Win Qiu Shi Outstanding Young Scholar Award


Recently, Qiu Shi Science & Technology Foundation announced the “Outstanding Young Scholar Award” winner list in 2020, with 12 scholars winning the prize. Tiangang YANG, assistant professor of the Chemistry Department is one of the 2020 award laureates.

SUSTech alumnus snags Macao S&T Award


Recently, the 2020 Macao Science and Technology Award ceremony was held in Macao Cultural Center. Xin LIU, the first doctoral student jointly trained by SUSTech and the University of Macau, won the “Science and Technology Award – Scientific and Technological R&D Award for Postgraduates,” which is the first time that the student of SUSTech has won the overseas science and technology award.

SUSTech Center for Biostatistics established


As a high-level scientific research institution of SUSTech, the Center for Biostatistics aims to build a comprehensive scientific research base with domestic and international influence, integrating basic research, interdisciplinary integration, consulting, professional personnel training, and industrial transformation.