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Li YOU: Quantum Enhanced Precision Measurement

Pei WANG     2021-05-21

On May 19, 2021, Prof. Li YOU from Dept. of Physics, Tsinghua University was invited to the 63th Science Lecture of College of Science, SUSTech. He gave a lecture themed “Quantum Enhanced Precision Measurement”, which was chaired by academician Xueming YANG, dean of College of Science. 


Prof. Xueming YANG hosting the lecture

Guest Introduction: 



Prof. YOU Li serves in Department of Physics, Tsinghua University, chief scientist of Key Project of Chinese National Programs for Fundamental Research and Development(973 program), fellow of American Physical Society. Prof. YOU has been awarded the National Science Fund for Overseas Distinguished Young Scholars. He also serves as vice director for the Major Research Plan of Precision Measurement Physics of NSFC. Prof. YOU Li is committed to the research related to cold atom physics, cold molecule physics, interaction between light, magnetic field and atoms, and quantum information and computation. His team has published over 100 papers on Science, PRL and other high-impact journals, and has won the first prize in the “2013 Awards for Essays on Gravitation” by the Gravity Research Foundation, as well as China’s top 10 scientific advances in 2017. 

Lecture Review:

Quantum precision measurement physics is important in the discovery of new physics law, the verification of fundamental physics theorems and measurements. During the lecture, Prof. YOU introduced the advantages of quantum precision measurement, parameter estimation of quantum state, standard quantum limit and the approach to break the limit. He also shared some major research progresses that his team made in recent years.


A glance of the lecture

According to Prof. YOU, precision measurement in necessary for appropriate understanding of physics. He detailed the importance of precision measurement physics through examples of LIGO and absolute gravity observation. 


Prof. Li YOU is delivering the lecture

Prof. YOU said that interferometers are good tools and quality physical systems, whose first-order interference takes effect through phase measurement. He also put forward perfect classical systems, Bose-Einstein condensate of laser and atoms, etc..

In 2007, Prof. YOU’s team successfully produced multi-particles entangled states, offering an insight for the development of precision science and technology.


After the lecture, the audience asked questions about quantum enhanced precision measurement and its outlook. In conclusion, Prof. Xueming YANG and Prof. Jingyun FAN from Institute for Quantum Science and Engineering handed an honorary certificate and a souvenir.