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IOPP-SUSTech International Workshop focuses spotlight on quantum materials


On April 27, IOP Publishing (IOPP) and the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) jointly held the IOPP-SUSTech International Workshop: Spotlight on Quantum Materials.

The workshop was hosted by the Department of Physics at SUSTech. Through the combination of in-person and virtually, it was attended by more than 100 people on-site and almost 7,000 online, discussing the frontiers of experimental and theoretical work in quantum materials and promoting high-level research in the field.

Jiaqing HE, Head of the Department of Physics at SUSTech, and Miriam Maus, Publishing Director of IOPP, delivered opening speeches at the start of the workshop. They hoped that this meeting would provide an opportunity to deepen understanding between both sides and establish more exchanges and cooperation.

Subsequently, ten scholars from world-class universities and well-known research institutions, including the University of Cambridge, the University of Toronto, and Tsinghua University, presented reports that introduced their latest work and progress in quantum materials.


The ten guest speakers shared their latest scientific research results of various cutting-edge quantum states of matter from the perspectives of experiment and theory, especially in the frontier progress of unconventional superconducting states, topological quantum states of matter, and the frontier progress of quantum magnetic materials.

In addition, they discussed the application prospects of quantum materials in topological quantum computing and quantum electronics.


Qikun XUE, President of SUSTech, made a closing speech at the end of the workshop. He said the meeting had been a huge success, and hopes that SUSTech can further strengthen international academic sharing and cooperation, make full use of high-quality resources, and jointly promote the development and innovation of quantum materials research with top scientists and young scholars around the world.