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SUSTech hosts meeting to launch and plan implementation for National Key R&D Program of China in Mathematics and Applied Research


The project of the National Key R&D Program of China in Mathematics and Applied Research, titled “Key Mathematical Problems and Their Applications in the Construction and Analysis of Brain Dynamic Imaging”, recently hosted a launch and planning meeting at the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech).

It is led by the National Center for Applied Mathematics Shenzhen (NCAMS) at SUSTech, in collaboration with Capital Normal University and the Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology (SIAT) of the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS).

The participation of key figures include Fuquan FANG, Director of NCAMS; Jianyong QIAO, Deputy Director of the Management Committee of NCAMS; Yanlong LIU, Project Director of the High-Tech Research and Development Center of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC); Jianxin PAN, Associate Vice President and Dean of Faculty of Science and Technology at Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University United International College; Shuhong YU, Dean of the College of Science at SUSTech; and Jiaqing HE, Director of the Office of Research at SUSTech.


In his remarks, Fuquan FANG highlighted the significance of this being the first National Key R&D Program of China led by NCAMS. He stressed the importance of collaboration among institutions ensuring high-quality outcomes. He emphasized the importance of seeking advice and suggestions from the experts present to utilize their individual strengths in driving the project forward and promoting mutual growth.

Yanlong LIU congratulated the team on the award of the project, emphasizing the significance of the “Mathematics and Applied Research” initiative. She encouraged the project team to prioritize national strategic requirements and uphold rigorous standards to enhance the impact of their research and achieve innovative outcomes, backed by government policies.

Shuhong YU highlighted that the Mathematics program at SUSTech has achieved Double First-Class discipline status designated by the Ministry of Education. He stated that this significant project represents a pivotal moment for mathematical research at SUSTech, presenting increased challenges and expectations. He also mentioned the commitment to allocate resources to guarantee the successful implementation of the project.

Jiaqing HE confirmed that the Office of Research, serving as the administrative department for scientific research projects at SUSTech, would offer thorough management and assistance throughout the project’s timeline.

Professor Jianqing SHI of NCAMS, the project’s principal investigator, detailed the implementation strategy for the project. He, along with other SUSTech faculty members, including Research Assistant Professor Shusen ZHAO and Associate Professors Zhen ZHANG and Jin ZHANG, provided updates on the project’s advancement.

Subsequently, the expert group provided feedback on potential risks and confirmed the viability of the proposed plan. They unanimously approved the implementation strategy and development plan for the project titled “Key Mathematical Problems and Their Applications in the Construction and Analysis of Brain Dynamic Imaging”.


The project concentrates on the early detection and precise diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases. Its objective is to improve aims to enhance decision-making in screening and diagnosis by exploring essential areas such as integrating multimodal data, statistical analysis and predictive models, advanced theories and technologies in high-resolution cone beam CT imaging, physics-based deep learning for quantitative MRI parameters, and deep learning models for multimodal imaging data.