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Shuxian TANG: From Surface Science to Surface Catalysis


Knowledge of surface properties leads to design of highly efficient catalysts that avoid the ubiquitous Sabatier conflict.

Li DENG: Weak-Bonding Catalysis with Organic Molecules


By imitating the cooperative weak bond catalysis mode commonly found in biological enzymes, Prof. Deng Li’s research group has successfully developed a series of new chiral organic small molecule catalysts and found new reactions.

Meixiang WANG: Advances in Macrocycles and Supramolecular Chemistry


Through experimental research, Prof. WANG’ s research group developed a brand-new strategy of “cross-bay bridge” and a multi-tiered intramolecular reaction method, making full use of the pre-organized single ring structure and cone conformation of the Resor aromatics . By equipping the Soarene’s "Bay Area" with suitable reaction groups, 4 or 6 chemical bridge reactions across the "Bay Area" are realized and ring-belt molecules with different types of skeleton structures are efficiently constructed.

Feihe HUANG: Supramolecular Polymers Based on Host-Guest Molecular Recognition Motifs


Supramolecular polymer is one of the most important research directions in the field of chemical self-assembly. It is formed by polymer/small molecule elements (functionality≥2) through non-covalent bond self-assembly polymerization. It shows great potential to be applied in degradable, responsive, self-healing materials and other fields.

Mingsheng ZHAN: Coherent Formation of a Single Ultrocold Molecule


During the lecture, Prof. Mingsheng Zhan introduced the achievement his research group has made in the rubidium single-atom array system in recent years, such as the realization of the collision of two-atom ground states in the single-atom quantum state control, and the long-lived coherent storage and transfer realized in magic light intensity dipole trap.

Prof. Julius Rebek Jr.: Recognition and Reactivity in Deep Cavitands


On October 27th, 2020, Prof. Julius Rebek Jr. from the Scripps Research Institute was invited to the 38th Science Lecture of College of Science. He gave a talk on “Recognition and Reactivity in Deep Cavitands”, which was chaired by Prof. Wei JIANG, Dept. of Chemistry. The lecture was held online via Zoom meeting.