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Department of Physics

In recent years, our academic staff have dedicated themselves in research and published a number of high-quality papers, empowering the Department with international impact. Our research support totaled 341.9 million yuan, including 64 projects from National Natural Science Foundation of China, 12 from Ministry of Science and Technology and Department of Education, 19 from Guangdong Natural Science Foundation, and 55 from Shenzhen City. 

Our faculty members have published over 800 papers in journals of physics including Nature, Science, Physical Review Letters, Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Physics, Nature Materials, Advanced Materials, Journal of the American Chemical Society, etc. with SUSTech as the affiliation. Among these papers, 418 have SUSTech as the affiliation of the lead or corresponding author, and 235 are published on Physical Review Letters or other top journals that have an impact factor equal to or larger than 9, representing the overall academic competence of the Department. 

SUSTech, with the mission of pioneering the higher education reform in China, is rapidly developing into an international, top-notch and research-oriented university. Keeping pace with the university, the Department of Physics has established a long-term development plan to harness its overall strength and forge ahead in their endeavor to establish itself as a world-class physics department in the foreseeable future. (Data collection is finished by June, 2019)