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Department of Earth and Space Sciences

From January to December 2016, the professors of the Department of Earth and Space Sciences published 20 SCI papers. One project of the national level, a NSFC project with a fund of 839,400 yuan, and one project of the municipal level of Shenzhen with a grant of one million yuan were approved. 

From January to December 2017, 25 SCI papers were issued. The professors of the Department acquired six national-level and provincial-level projects with a grant of 25.51 million yuan, including four NSFC projects with 25.31 million yuan, and three municipal projects of Shenzhen with the fund totaling 1.3 million yuan. 

From January to December 2018, the professors of the Department published 44 SCI papers. 19 national-level and provincial-level projects were approved, granting 14.52 million yuan, including seven NSFC projects with a fund of 2.79 million.