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Department of Mathematics

Dynamical Systems


Faculty: URES Raul, HERTZ Jana

Research topics:

Hamiltonian systems, including instability, transition property and ergodic property,symplectic geometry and topology, index theory and its applications to stability of dynamic systems, many body problems in celestial mechanics, chaos, and fundamental theory of dark matters.


Algebraic Combinatorial Mathematics, Algebraic Number Theory, Algebraic Geometry


Faculty: LI Caiheng, QIU Yannan, HU Yong, LI Zhan

Research topics:

combinatorial mathematics, finite group theory, algebraic number theory, algebraic geometry


PDEs and Their Applications


Faculty: SU Linlin

Research topics:

Qualitative theory of nonlinear elliptic and parabolic reaction-diffusion equations and systems, mathematical biology, especially mathematical models in population genetics and ecology.


Mathematical Physics and Topological Geometry


Faculty: GAROUFALIDIS Stavros, HOU Yong, LI Qin, IRMER Ingrid, ZHU Yifei

Research topics:

Batalin-Vilkovisky quantization in field theory and its applications in geometry and topology, quantum topology, 3-dimensional topology, and differential geometry.


Computational Mathematics


Faculty: TANG Tao, KURGANOV Alex, LI Jingzhi, YANG Jiang

Research topics:

numerical partial differential equations including conservation laws, high resolution and self-adaptive methods, central-upwind schemes, computational fluid dynamics, shallow-water equations, data assimilation, inverse problems, computational finance.


Applied Mathematics


Faculty: WANG Xiaoming, ZHANG Zhen, ZHANG Jin

Research topics:

Problems related to fluid dynamics, groundwater research and geophysical fluid dynamics; numerical PDEs, multiscale modeling and simulations of moving contact lines in multiphase flow, sparse representation of data and feature selection in high dimensions, optimization theories.




Faculty: XIONG Jie, SUN Jingrui

Research topics:

applied probability, stochastic process and stochastic control.


Financial Mathematics


Faculty: XIONG Jie, SUN Jingrui, ZENG Pingping, GU Jiawen

Research topics:

financial dynamics, pricing of financial derivatives, computational finance, and actuarial theory.