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Shenzhen Institute for Quantum Science and Engineering

Quantum materials                

Team:Ke XIAHaizhou LUYue ZHAO

2D materials (graphene,MoS2, etc.): Fabrication of large-scale single crystals; Developing characterization methods and analytical techiniques to reveal novel physic properties. Topological superconductors, Weyl semimetals, spin liquid and other strongly correlated quantum materials: materials growth,device fabrication and physical properties.


Quantum computation and quantum precision measurement

Team: Jingyun FAN、Shengjun YANGManjin ZHONGYuanzhen CHEN、Dian TAN

Quantum algorithm theory, quantum software and quantum cloud integration. For now, various quantum computing systems have been deployed such as superconducting qubits (with the goal of 20 bits this year),nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) quantum system (fighting for 12-bit quantum cloud computing platform), trapped-ion system, cold-atom system, NV center, optical lattices, etc.