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Shenzhen Grubbs Institute

Homogeneous Catalytic Organic Synthesis

The organic synthesis platform including the high-throughput screening center and rapid analysis center conducts research on the design, synthesis and optimization of reaction conditions for new catalysts. Different from traditional methods of organic synthesis and catalyst screening, this platform will realize fully-automated catalyst screening and greatly improve the efficiency of scientific research by using the most advanced high-throughput screening equipment and new design concepts. With the development of new catalysts, the platform will further explore its applications in small molecules and macromolecules, optimize synthesis routes, and improve catalytic efficiency; these basic research results will directly benefit industries such as new medicine and new materials that are related to the national economy and people's livelihood.

Homogeneous Catalytic Polymer Synthesis and Characterization

To meet the strategic needs of polymer science and materials in China, this platform will carry out fundamental and applied research on the new structure, high performance and functionalization of saturated polymers, unsaturated polymers, conjugated polymers, cyclic polymers and special polymers, focusing on ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, hyperbranched polyethylene, olefin copolymers, high-performance elastomers and functional polymer materials. Combined investigations of molecular structural design, development of high efficient catalyst, precision polymerization, reaction engineering, polymer physics and rheology, self-assembly and multi-scale processing, composite material mechanics, while solving the basic scientific problems, the platform will break the technology bottlenecks in key industries.