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SUSTech International Center for Mathematics

Computational Mathematics

Faculty: TANG Tao, KURGANOV Alex, YANG Jiang,ZHOU Tao, QUAN Chaoyu


Numerical methods for partial differential equations,High-order Numerical Methods, Adaptive numerical methods, Computational fluid dynamics, Uncertainty Quantification

Applied Mathematics

Faculty:  WANG Xiaoming, HE Bingsheng, LI Jingzhi, ZHANG Zhen, ZHANG Jin


Applied and Computational Mathematics, Applied fluid dynamics, Numerical PDEs, Multiscale modeling and simulations in multiphase flow, Sparse representation of data and feature selection in high dimensions, Optimization Theory and Methods, Linear and Nonlinear Programming,  Operations Research


Faculty: ZELMANOV Efim, LI Caiheng, ZHANG Jiping


Lie Algebras, Jordan Algebras, Group theory and Representation Theorem, the Restricted Burnside Problem, the Existence Theorem on Defect Zero Blocks

Mathematical Physics and Topological Geometry

Faculty: Stavros Garoufalidis, Ingrid Irmer


The mathematical theory of Batalin vilkovisky quantization of field theory and its application in geometry and topology, quantum topology and 3D geometry, differential geometry.