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M6A study could lead to better understanding of axon guidance


Axon guidance is a subfield of neural development that examines the process that neurons send out nerve cells to their intended targets. Axons often follow exceptionally precise paths within the nervous system, and these paths have been the inspiration of substantial research. The improved understanding of these pathways could improve our understanding of how the human brain works.

Efficient synthesis of natural compound pushes SUSTech forward


Atropurpuran is from a class of natural chemical compounds that is thought to relieve pain, particularly in folk medicine in the northern hemisphere.

SUSTech research on photomorphogenesis published in “Plant Physiology” Journal


The influence of light on specific photoreceptor cells within plants is responsible for every stage of a plant’s development, from seed to seedling to plant. Both the presence and absence of light influence the growth of plants while they are seedlings in different ways. Understanding how mutations in different photoreceptor cells can influence the growth of plants is critical to understanding changes in our environment.

SUSTech research group synthesized important natural product


Sesterterpenoids, a rare type of terpene that is produced from a variety of plants and insects, have been the source of much research around the world and play an important role in synthetic organic chemistry and drug discovery.

SUSTech Department of Chemistry published for research in new functional materials


Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) has started the new year with the research group of Department of Chemistry Professor Zhi Zewei published in two important academic journals.

SUSTech Professor He Jiaqing Presents the Latest Research Achievements of SnSe Thermoelectric Materials in Journal “Science”


On May 18, an academic paper co-written by SUSTech’s Department of Physics and Beihang University (previously known as Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics) was published in the leading academic journal “Science.”